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    Iran Military 1997

      Military branches Islamic Republic of Iran regular forces (includes Ground Forces, Navy,Air and Air Defense Forces), Revolutionary Guards (includes Ground, Air, Navy,Qods, and Basij-mobilization-forces), Law Enforcement Forces

      Military manpower - military age 21 years of age

      Military manpower - availability
      males age 15-49 : 15,700,662 (1997 est.)

      Military manpower - fit for military service
      males: 9,332,944 (1997 est.)

      Military manpower - reaching military age annually
      males : 650,804 (1997 est.)

      Military expenditures - dollar figure according to official Iranian data, Iran budgeted 8,283.9 billion rialsfor defense in 1997; note - conversion of defense expenditures into US dollarsusing current exchange rates could produce misleading results

      Disputes - international Iran and Iraq restored diplomatic relations in 1990 but are still tryingto work out written agreements settling outstanding disputes from their eight-yearwar concerning border demarcation, prisoners-of-war, and freedom of navigationand sovereignty over the Shatt al-Arab waterway; Iran occupies two islandsin the Persian Gulf claimed by the UAE: Lesser Tunb (called Tunb as Sughrain Arabic by UAE and Jazireh-ye Tonb-e Kuchek in Persian by Iran) and GreaterTunb (called Tunb al Kubra in Arabic by UAE and Jazireh-ye Tonb-e Bozorg inPersian by Iran); it jointly administers with the UAE an island in the PersianGulf claimed by the UAE (called Abu Musa in Arabic by UAE and Jazireh-ye AbuMusa in Persian by Iran) - over which Iran has taken steps to exert unilateralcontrol since 1992, including access restrictions and a military build-upon the island; the UAE has garnered significant diplomatic support in theregion in protesting these Iranian actions; Caspian Sea boundaries are notyet determined among Azerbaijan, Iran, Kazakstan, Russia, and Turkmenistan

      Illicit drugs illicit producer of opium poppy for the domestic and international drugtrade; net opiate importer but also a key transshipment point for SouthwestAsian heroin to Europe

      NOTE: The information regarding Iran on this page is re-published from the 1997 World Fact Book of the United States Central Intelligence Agency. No claims are made regarding the accuracy of Iran Military 1997 information contained here. All suggestions for corrections of any errors about Iran Military 1997 should be addressed to the CIA.

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