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    World Muslim Population Projections
    Data source: United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA).

      I drew the above graph from the following figures (millions).

      Population   1950    2000   2015    2025    2050
      ---------- ------  ------  -----  ------  ------  
        World     2,520   6,057  7,207   7,937   9,322
        Muslim      361   1,209  1,625   1,921   2,588
      These total figures are based on those from the table at: https://photius.com/rankings/world2050_rank.html
      For each year I simply added the total population figures of the countries with a majority Muslim population. Although this is not a scientifically accurate way to count Muslims, it gives a reasonable estimate. Countries where Muslims are a minority were excluded, even India, which has about 100 million Muslims. On the other hand, the total population of large countries where Muslims constitute even barely more than half the population, such as Nigeria, were included.

      The following graph shows my estimate of Muslims as a percent of the total world population, based on the above figures.


    This page of world Muslim population projections is based on figures from the United Nations Population Fund .
    See explanation of my methodology above.

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