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    Sahara Oeste Economía 2000

      Economía - descripción: Western Sahara, a territory poor in natural resources and lacking sufficient rainfall, depends on pastoral nomadism, fishing, and phosphate mining as the principal sources of income for the population. Most of the food for the urban population must be imported. All trade and other economic activities are controlled by the Moroccan Government. Incomes and standards of living are substantially below the Moroccan level.

      Producto Bruto Interno (PBI): purchasing power parity - $NA

      PBI - Indice de Incremento real: NA%

      PBI - por capital: purchasing power parity - $NA

      PBI - Composición por Sector:
      agriculture: NA%
      industry: NA%
      services: 40%-45% (1996 est.)

      Población bajo linea de pobertad: NA%

      Ingreso en casa o porcentage de consumción:
      lowest 10%: NA%
      highest 10%: NA%

      Indice de Inflación (precios del consumidor): NA%

      Fuerza Laboral: 12,000

      Fuerza Laboral - por ocupación: animal husbandry and subsistence farming 50%

      Indice de desempleo: NA%

      revenues: $NA
      expenditures: $NA, including capital expenditures of $NA

      Industrias: phosphate mining, handicrafts

      Industrial production growth rate: NA%

      Electricidad - Producción: 85 million kWh (1998)

      Electricidad - producción por fuente:
      fossil fuel: 100%
      hydro: 0%
      nuclear: 0%
      other: 0% (1998)

      Electricidad - consumción: 79 million kWh (1998)

      Electricidad - exportaciones: 0 kWh (1998)

      Electricidad - importaciones: 0 kWh (1998)

      Agricultura - productos: fruits and vegetables (grown in the few oases); camels, sheep, goats (kept by nomads)

      Exportaciones: $NA

      Exporationes - comodidades: phosphates 62%

      Exportaciones - socios: Morocco claims and administers Western Sahara, so trade partners are included in overall Moroccan accounts

      Importaciones: $NA

      Importaciones - comodidades: fuel for fishing fleet, foodstuffs

      Importaciones - socios: Morocco claims and administers Western Sahara, so trade partners are included in overall Moroccan accounts

      Deuda - externa: $NA

      Ayuda economica - recipiente: $NA

      Moneda: 1 Moroccan dirham (DH) = 100 centimes

      Indice de intercambio: Moroccan dirhams (DH) per US$1 - 10.051 (January 2000), 9.804 (1999), 9.604 (1998), 9.527 (1997), 8.716 (1996), 8.540 (1995)

      Año Fiscal: calendar year

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